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Have your website created custom directly or using a template?


Do you already know which option is better for you? What is the difference?

The possibilities of creating a website, in any way, are offered everywhere today.

The uniqueness of your website

If you choose the option of creating a custom website, your website will undoubtedly be original. You can design it yourself or rely on the skills and skill of the designer. The web can be done without errors and redundant code, so it will be very fast. Graphic elements can be easily moved or resized and aligned.

According to the Template

If you don't have a vision of what your website might look like, you can choose from existing templates. Your website may not be original in the true sense of the word, but on the other hand, there are so many templates today (whether paid or free) that two websites - which would use the same template - are not so easy to find. On the other hand, templates are similar to each other - they are often made in one go, and any more sophisticated adjustments to the appearance and functionality of the template are difficult. So if you want to have a direct impact on the graphic design of the site, you will appreciate the individual design.

Websites based on the template most often run on a WordPress content management system. They tend to be slower, especially if they use all sorts of accessories for unusual elements.


Having a custom website will cost you more money. You will have to pay a designer and a coder (we have :) our own). But it will create the website for you exactly according to how you designed it, professionally, every detail will be original.

A cheaper option is a template - in our company, however, an individual web design usually does not cost more than a quarter than a WordPress website with a ready-made template. Template will cost you several thousand. Of course, you have to pay to implement, customize, and populate the template with your content, but it's no longer an expensive affair.


If you want to have an editor on your website with which you can add content yourself, then with us this option is available both on Wordpress (template) and on custom websites.

We hope this article has told you the right way. We can create a website in both ways. It is important that your website works as you need it.

Do you want advice on which option is best to choose in your case? Contact us to arrange a free appointment! We are curious what it will bring and we believe you too.

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The author of the artistic decorations on this website is Vladimir Vobornik