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Web Content - Why Is It So Important?


It's a shame to get a website done without discussing the content in detail with the webmaster. Customers who want to make a website and are not interested in working on content will not benefit from the entire investment in the site. While they will be nice and there will be characteristic photos, if the content does not have a head and a heel, it will miss the effect.

It is still true that content is king

People search the Internet for content (relevant information). The very idea of the Internet is based on the accessibility of information. That's why people go online, they want good content. And because people want it, so do search engines, which are designed to find the content people want.

Good copywriter

Of course, the content must be written by someone who knows who is beating (knows the client, knows his goals, knows his customers, knows what people in the field are looking for on the Internet). It must be a person who knows how to use language (this is, of course, a minority).

Don't skimp on content. Not everyone can write it. You should invest in someone who is good at it.

Every useless word is useless

The copywriter should have verbal logic and a goal. Sverak and Smoljak followed the motto: "Every useless word is useless." So the copywriter must be able to cut. Alas, when there is general nonsense on the web that pays off, "so that the web is not empty" such as: "we provide individual services at the highest level…". How many such pads can we find on the web!

How it should be

  1. The text (so that people can read it at all) must be in a suitable place on the page, correctly and clearly worded.
  2. The text block can also be a part of the design and at the same time a source of information and a guide to the pages.
  3. Reading the text should be an experience for the reader. If possible a good experience… inspiring. The reader should feel that he has found what he was looking for, that he is learning what interests him.

How it shouldn't be

  1. It must not be too long or too superficial. Nobody reads long texts and it breaks graphics.
  2. Nice website with photos without texts - no one bothered to write something about it?
  3. Flabby texts with grammatical errors are a horrible business card.
  4. Texts neatly stuffed with keywords (ancient SEO techniques that don't work anyway).
  5. Padding - every useless word is useless!

Content is the reason why a website is created. Therefore, the first one should be created and based on it, a prototype and a subsequent graphic design should be created.

The lyrics make an impression of what kind of company you are

Be sure to pay close attention to the content. He is the soul of the web. It is your business card and the one who speaks to the user, informs him and sells goods or services to him.

It's like life. Often no one even notices good and well-written texts. However, everyone sees the bad ones right away and will judge you accordingly.

If you already trust us a little that we will help you write the content of the website well, contact us to arrange a free appointment! We are curious what it will bring and we believe you too.

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